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Season 7, Episode 1: Emo Jeopardy with barely awake (formerly known as 734jake)

January 23, 20241 min read

In this episode:

Season 7 kicks off with a bang on Teaser Talk! Join Hollie in a lively interview with barely awake (formerly 734jake). Dive into the band's origin, musical inspirations, and catch Jake and Ben in a hilarious round of "Emo Jeopardy." Get ready for a dose of fun and music vibes!

Emo Jeopardy with barely awake (formerly known as 734jake)

Season 7, Episode 1: Emo Jeopardy with barely awake (formerly known as 734jake)


Welcome to a brand new season of Teaser Talk! In today's episode, get ready for some fun and entertainment as Hollie sits down with the talented members of barely awake (formerly known as 734jake). This barely awake interview sets the mood for season seven! Join us as we delve into the story of how the band formed, their musical inspirations, and what they have been up to lately. But that's not all - in true Teaser Talk fashion, we couldn't resist including a fun game! Tune in as Jake and Ben go head-to-head in an exciting round of "Emo Jeopardy." It's a battle of wits and sadness, with a dash of friendly competition. (spoiler alert, we already are making plans for a rematch 😂) So grab your headphones and head over to your favorite podcast listening platform and get ready to rock out with barely awake on this Happy Teaser Talk Tuesday!

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