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Season 6 Episode 1: Ch-ch-ch-changes...

May 10, 20221 min read

In this episode:

Join us for the season 6 premiere of Teaser Talk! Hollie fills you in on important updates, shares her experience at a recent festival, and highlights upcoming events. Don't miss the awesome new intro/outro by Jess Margera, Jamie Brown, and Chris Weyh from Castle Bam Studios! #TeaserTalk #Season6Premiere #FestivalHighlights #NewIntroOutro


Season 6 Episode 1: Ch-ch-ch-changes...


Happy Teaser Talk Tuesday and welcome to season 6 of the podcast!

In today's episode Hollie shares a few changes you rad listeners need to know, a cool festvial she recently attended as well as some she's looking forward to this year!

Shout out to Jess Margera, Jamie Brown and Chris Weyh for the BOMB new intro/outro made at Castle Bam Studios - check it out!

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